We work with you to find the best solution for your budget, whether it's applying or customizing an off-the-shelf tool or building a solution from scratch.
  • Start with a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs, goals and project requirements.
  • We'll use our conversation to create a proposal and lay out a project roadmap, which you'll be able to access and review, request changes to and approve, through our Client Portal.
  • Once you give us the go-ahead to begin the project, all updates and deliverables will be accessible in your Client Portal, so you'll have full visibility into how the project is going. Your Client Portal is also where you will approve deliverables at each milestone in your project roadmap.
Non-Profit & Start-Ups

Special Rate

Please mention if you are a non-profit or minority-owned small business start-up so we can apply a reduced rate to your project. A big part of our mission is to support marginalized and underrepresented communities; we want you to succeed!

Dashboard combining workforce certification data from multiple systems.


We employ economic analysis, market analysis, and data science to solve your business needs. Which business pain points are taking too long or are too unwieldy?

  • Are there tasks you wish could be automated?
  • Are there data you need analyzed or visualized?


Learning never stops, and that's a beautiful thing! We offer adult excel tutorials, group courses on applied methodologies, and one-on-one consultations. For younger students, we offer tutoring, math and data science classes for co-ops, and after-school STEM-oriented gameschooling clubs.

  • Need a quick consultation on Excel or WordPress? Schedule a quick consultation to get unstuck!
  • Want a fuller deep-dive on Advanced Excel Techniques or best practices for using quantitative tools?
  • Are you a co-op or school that would like to offer students the chance to learn about data science, or practice STEM skills with games?
Methodology courses covering the data analysis process and best practices.
Gravity Forms as the front-end for a web application.

Website Development

WordPress is an amazing platform that offers so much flexibility, but it's also incredibly time-consuming and can break easily with customization. We offer support just where you need it, either implementing a single customization, troubleshooting a breakage, or building out a bigger site.

  • Looking to build complex forms with Gravity Forms?
  • Need to implement a WooCommerce e-commerce shop?
  • Want to set up an inexpensive membership site with ARMember?

Facilitated Workshops

We facilitate team planning with structured brainstorm sessions to capture diverse ideas and distill those to core themes. Do you want to capture all of the creativity of your team on a particular problem?

  • Do you want to re-think existing processes and see if there's a better way to structure your team's workflow?
  • Are there conflicting opinions about the way forward, and you want to find a constructive way to bring everyone together to find the best solution?
Facilitated brainstorms capture diverse ideas from a large group and distill core themes.